Perfect vistual system. My WHM Reseller seriously bacome MASTER Reseller o_0! GREAT!!
By: Michael A.
All I can say is AMAZING. I can create client reseller with WHM reseller hosting. Easy manage and many profit selling! YEAAAAHHHH!!!
By: Allan W.
This service and script is fantastic!!
By: Robby S.


  • First step you must read features
  • And then download and install script
  • After it, please see this documentation for basicly knowledge

Virtual Master FLow (For you)

  • After download and upload VMASTER script and getting password via mail, now you can login to VMASTER
  • Firs step you must go to menu "Connect to Server" -> create server -> save and connected.
  • After that, go to menu "Manage Client" -> create client -> add access.
  • And then you can send email and password login information to client for accessing VRESELLER.
  • Success! Your client has been granted to access your WHM with Virtual Reseller (VRESELLER).
vmaster-login vmaster-manage-server vmaster-manage-client vmaster-manage-package vmaster-create-cpanel vmaster-manage-cpanel vmaster-client-usage

Virtual Reseller Flow (For your clients)

  • After the client get login information from you as VMASTER, client can login now on VRESELLER.
  • Firs step the client must go to "Manage Server" -> and connected.
  • After that, client can create cpanel, create package, and managing it.
  • Success! This client has been granted to access your WHM with Virtual Reseller (VRESELLER).
  • The client are blocked access if their service over limit with your configuration on VMASTER
client-virtual-reseller-login client-virtual-reseller-manage-server client-virtual-reseller-create-cpanel client-virtual-reseller-manage-cpanel client-virtual-reseller-manage-package client-virtual-reseller-view-usage

See more FAQ and Documentation on My Forum