Perfect vistual system. My WHM Reseller seriously bacome MASTER Reseller o_0! GREAT!!
By: Michael A.
All I can say is AMAZING. I can create client reseller with WHM reseller hosting. Easy manage and many profit selling! YEAAAAHHHH!!!
By: Allan W.
This service and script is fantastic!!
By: Robby S.


  • WHM Hash remote access code key (Required)
  • Download script and upload to your hosting
  • You will get two script (VMASTER and VRESELLER)
  • VMASTER directory script for your access and manage clients reseller
  • VRESELLER directory script for your client as virtual reseller access
  • Open Account and get your password for login as VMASTER
  • After login as VMASTER, you can create client reseller login information

STEP 1. Download script

STEP 2. Open account login as VIRTUAL MASTER

STEP 3. Check your email and Now you can login as VMASTER